The Different Kinds Of PCB You Can Get At not only specialized in making quality printed circuit boards with our state of the art equipment, we are also up to our customer’s satisfaction to establish a long-term relationship with them. We want our customers to get the product that will work best for their designated application. If you are new to electronics designing or you want to refresh your mind about the different kinds of PCB, let us help you with that.

A PCB is a fundamental part of electronics. With printed circuit board, you will be able to connect various components to each other. PCB will allow power and signals to be routed between the components. It consists of different layers of materials. The base of the board is made of a material that does not conduct electricity, which is called substrate. Another layer of material, such as copper, is set on the surface where the electricity shall go.

The components are to be attached using metals to conduct electricity. Circuit boards are common in computers, mobile phones, radios and televisions.

Single Sided PCB

Our single-sided PCBs are the cheapest because they are also the simplest to manufacture. They only have one conductive layer since they are only designated for low density designs. We use copper as the conductive layer. For the rigid base, FR4 or fiberglass is readily available. FR4 is an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications due to its up to par thermal, mechanical, and electrical components. However, you can always request for exotic materials like polyimides. We have suppliers in the country and overseas so could provide special PCBs for you.

To assemble a single sided PCB, we can do through hole or surface mount component. We attach thin wires to each of the component when using through hole technology. We also drill small holes in the substrate and then, pushed the wires inside these holes. Finally, we solder the wirings to the circuit’s connection pads on the opposite side.

Surface mount technology is more innovative. We use stubby L-shaped or J-shaped legs and attach each to the electronic components. To attach them to the board, we apply a solder paste which is a combination of glue, solder, and flux. To reflow or melt the solder, we put them on a state of the art oven. Once it has reflowed, we can say that the final connection is complete. Although this second method requires more careful attention, it eliminates the amount of work needed for through hole technology. We can also add a solder resist and idents for your single sided printed circuit boards.

Double Sided PCB

When you have too much components that single sided PCB can no longer handle, will advise you to resort to double sided PCB. In this type, we use two conductive layers of a rigid base. The two conductive layers may be connected with each other using a copper plated hole.

PCB FabricationDouble sided PCBs allow routing around each of the components. The connection will jump between the top and bottom layer through a via. Via, which stands for vertical interconnect access, is a pathway that allows connection to go through the plane of adjacent layers.

Because of the features of double sided PCBs, you can be flexible with your circuits’ designs. You will also be able to increase circuit densities. Our double sided PCBs are also extremely affordable. Both through hole technology and surface mount technology can be applied to this type.

Multi-layered PCB

The last one among the three main types of printed circuit boards is multi-layered. We use several layers of substrate that are separated by layers of insulation. Commonly, multi-layered PCBs have four to ten layers. But for our clients who need PCBs for a large production, we can make up to fifty layers of substrate. The complex and dense the circuit design is, the more layers you will need.

PCBTo simplify the circuit pattern, we connect the components through plated holes that were drilled to their designated circuit layer. In some cases, also use extra layers as power planes to supply power to the circuit and to lower EMI or electromagnetic interference levels brought by the circuit designs. This method is necessary for high-powered designs.

With our many years in the industry, you can be assured that we can supply you PCBs of any type in the quickest possible time. Our advancement in PCB assembly is also favorable to our clients.

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A PCB is a fundamental part of electronics with printed circuit board, you will be able to connect various components to each other. Contact here providing special PCBs for you.

ID Lanyards Customized Your Way

Do you about that strap thing where identification cards or keys are attached?

These are called lanyards, which are essentially straps where identification cards, keys, or anything you want to put in is attached. Such accessories are mostly seen in school, office, security personnel, key holders, etc.

Do you want your lanyard to be unique and artistic?

Are you fond of wearing lanyards with designs of your own choice? Do you want to have an artistic design of your lanyard at a low price while having superb durability?

We are very proud to introduce to you our company Wholesale Lanyards! We make and provide custom ID lanyards and ID badges using designs that our clients provide. Nowadays, custom lanyards are very popular – in school, office or anywhere. We can provide you the best lanyards in the world, which come in different types of straps and with your own choice of designs.

ID Lanyards

Whatever ID lanyard you need, we can provide them all for you. It comes in different types like polyester ID lanyard, tubular, nylon, woven, dye sublimated and cord lanyards.

The most popular among our products is the polyester lanyard which provides a balance between performance and price. The polyester lanyard is very comfortable to wear and the design remains readable and accurate.

Key HolderTubular lanyard is one of the more economical options in our products list because it is ideal especially in office or school purposes, being synonymous with both a satisfying price and a professional look. Meanwhile, we also have woven ID lanyard which has a simpler design yet provides an artistic touch to your lanyards. The design you would like to put will be woven onto the lanyard itself.

Another type of custom ID lanyard is the nylon lanyard which is very popular when it comes to sheer brilliance and quality. The design is very visible and has a shiny appearance. If you want to ensure perfect appearance and durability in the custom lanyards you order, it is the right choice for you.

Do you want strength for your ID lanyard? You may choose dye-sublimated lanyard from our products list. It is a lanyard where the logo or design is imprinted in the polyester material. You will not worry that the logo or design will crack, wear off or fade because it is known as an industrial version of lanyards.

Lastly is the cord or shoestring lanyard which is the newest in our products. It features a distinct round appearance, particularly on the strap area, yet it provides clear visibility of your design and unparalleled comfort when worn. Among the lanyards, it is the only one that is narrow and yet has a clear imprint of your design.

LanyardsThese are the types of custom ID lanyards we can provide to you. See? You really have the choice of your own- in designs, or even in the type of lanyard you want. We provide free artwork and design in all lanyards you will purchase from us and free shipping to the Continental USA. The prices vary depending on the look and type of lanyard you will pick. But one thing is for sure, the best custom lanyard will be provided to you- at a great price and at a great quality and durability.

We also provide and make custom holders for ID lanyards. With the combination of our top quality custom lanyards and our very own ID badge holders, you will have the best accessory in your place. Your identification cards will be secured and safe wherever you go and whatever business matter you will encounter or attend to. You don’t have to worry that your identification card will not be seen because our custom ID badge holder has a visible and clear appearance. Plus, your IDs will be held in place and kept secure all the way.

The prices vary depending on the size of your lanyard. You may view our lanyard products or you may visit our social media accounts for more details (or if you have inquiries).

Whatever lanyard you need, regardless of your choice in type, design, or style, check out Wholesale Lanyard! We can provide you the best custom ID lanyards in the world.

Wholesalelanyards offers an amazing range of top-quality ID lanyards in a variety of materials, printing styles and prices. Lanyards make and provide custom ID lanyards and ID badges using designs that our clients provide.

Tips for the New Year: Real Estate in 2016

Trade groups and real estate researches predict that the median sales price for single-family real estate will be up by 3 to 5% this year. They consider 2016 as a seller’s market for the industry even as mortgage rates continue to go up.

Not with standing the decline in the number of first-home buyers and the expansion of constructions, there will still be multiple home inventories offered in the market.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, here are some helpful tips provided by li realestatefinder, that will help you take advantage of the expected up-market this year:

For Buyers
1.Don’t overextend yourself.

homeWhen you are engaged in a bidding, you may think that paying an inflated price is okay. You need to consider, however, that it may be difficult to resell the property in the future when real estate values even out or go under.

On the other hand, if you are looking at settling in the home for a long time, then it is not wayward to pay a premium price for it.

A good tip to remember is to focus on comparable instead of “hot” properties. Never limit yourself to one deal. Also, before you make a bid, set a ceiling price for yourself so that you can you don’t overstretch your budget.

2.Be flexible and ready.

Keep in mind that the early bird catches the worm. If you really want a good house, then you need to prepare yourself. While you shop around for real estate, shop for loans as well. You never know when a great deal is just around the corner. Usually, the best homes in your neighborhood get bought quickly so be ready with a preapproval loan letter as well as have an inspector that you can call to do an instantaneous property visit.

3.Watch out for hidden costs.

If the sale price of a home costs $200,000, you can expect that you won’t shell out just $200,000. You need to consider the following:

-Home inspection costs
-Appraisal costs
-Property Taxes
-Private mortgage Insurance
-Pre-occupancy costs such as credit report charges homeowners’ association dues, flood insurance, title insurance, etc.

4.Remember that you will have what you pay for.

If you are buying a new property to build a new home, hire an independent inspector who will supervise the construction. Most builders will crank production and cut corners. You don’t want your home to have substandard materials and inadequate facilities. Do not let builders hire their own inspectors. Most importantly, check the builder’s reputation and expertise before you have a contract with them.

For Sellers
1.Don’t overplay your clout.

If you are selling a home that has better potentials compared to others in the area, you have liberty to set a price higher than the existing marketfee. Consider the latency of having an in-demand property so you can make the best sale.

However, you may find that it is easier to get an offer that is close to the property’s real value if you offer it at no more than 10% higher. To realize the viability, you don’t have to offer incentives such as payment for closing costs to your buyer. You can also offer set times for buyers to bid or withdraw their contingencies.

2.Understand commissions.

Usually, sellers don’t like to pay agents commission, especially in a heated real estate market. However, when agents don’t get the split due, they will be less fervent in making the sale and would rather stay in a coffee shop than show houses around. If this is the case, you can expect that it will take much longer for your house to be off the market. Offer and give the correct co-op fee, it is mutually beneficial.

3.Recognize the significant rooms.

significant roomsTwo spaces that you should carefully consider are the master bath and the kitchen. These two can make or break your prospect. If you are selling your home and you plan to make significant upgrades to make the property more valuable, then focus on these two areas.

For instance, you can do the following to your kitchen:

-Mount new cabinets
-Install granite countertops
-Add decorative touches or wallpaper
-Fit in new faucets
-Install lighting fixtures

To make your bathroom more marketable, you can:

-Replace an old, marred bathtub or install a new liner to make it sparkling
-Add new faucets
-Install new mirrors or towel racks
-Use fresh sealing
-Clean the medicine cabinet or put in a new one.


Keep in mind that while timing is of essence when it comes to real estate, don’t agonize over it too much. Real estate is an investment that is reliable for the long-term. This year, experts agree that there is a tapered supply and prevalent demand. Buying and selling should be completed deal-by-deal. Make your sale count!

Golfing Around: Taking a Look at the History of Golf Balls

A golf game would not commence without its designated ball. Believe it or not, this small object has a colorful history from being a simple equipment into an in-depth research study for experts. Let’s take a look on the wonderful history of golf balls.

Scotland is golf’s hometown. First called Gown during the 1500s, the game’s simple objective is to hit a round object into a hole at a designated distance. Different people from all social statuses were able to play the game, which attributes to its emerging popularity. The earliest balls are made of hard wood.


Eventually, the “feathery” golf ball was introduced. Boiled feathers of chicken or goose were stuffed inside a hand-sewn leather pouch and shaped into a round ball. These feathers can fill a magician’s top hat, but it was not compatible for the game. It was not perfectly formed into a round shape, causing a problem in its flight.Featherie balls easily absorbed water, reducing its speed. It also cracked when hitting with the stick or the ground. Making it was a tedious work, even for a skilled and experienced craftsman, not to mention the cost and fragility.

Following the feathery is the creation of the “gutty” or the gutta-percha by Revved. Robert Adams Patterson. This ball was made from the dried sap of Sapodilla tree. It was said that he discovered it when he observed that subjecting it to heat has molded it into the shape of a golf ball. It became popular because it met the qualities feathery hasn’t: it has better flight, can be shaped easily, and cheaply bought. As the eminent popularity of gutty balls grew, inexpensive Hickory-shafted clubs were produced, making golf equipments accessible for the middle class. Eventually, it was found out by accident that the nicks on the gutty golf ball improved consistency in the ball’s flight, and from that in many patterns were carved in the ball.

The golf craze was unstoppable as its popularity reached the United States. The next historic moment of golf balls was the discovery of rubber thread wound around the core and covered with gutta-percha. This was credited to the American named Cowbell Haskell in the 1880’s. As he threw the ball, it almost reached the ceiling and accidentally discovered the potential of the ball. This ball, which was also known as the “Haskell ball” eventually ended the era of gutty.

Over the years, outer covering patterns were learned to be part of the design. This bore the patterns “Bramble,” because it looked like bramble fruits, and “Dimple,” which created small holes around the ball. The latter became the most important innovation of golf balls which are still applied today. In the 1900s, automatic machines were invented and these were mass-produced. It was also during this time that concave dimples improve the aerodynamics of the ball and studies for it emerged.

golf gameGolf balls that were manufactured during those times varied in sizes and weight. But it was not until the year 1932, where professional standards were set by both the British and the United States Golf Associations. The weight should be 45.83 grams at maximum and the diameter should be 42.67 millimeters at maximum. These standards are still followed today.

From time to time, many versions of outer coverings were made. Among them are the balata covers that were used until the start of the 20th century, followed by the synthetic resin surly, and then the polyurethane, which is used nowadays.

Today, many people of all ages and of all genders are fond of and very interested in playing golf as a competition or for leisure. In relation to this, golf ball manufacturers can millions of balls each year, and the profits are also getting larger. And thanks to the interesting history of golf balls that its evolution was made possible.

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golf playingThe latter became the most important innovation of golf balls which are still applied today. Golf balls that were manufactured during those times varied in sizes and weight.

Custom Coins For Your Unique Needs

If you’re looking for top quality custom coins that you can carry with confidence and pride, then look no further. With our extensive range of great coin options, metal styles, coin shapes and attachments, there is a solution for all! We are committed to providing our clients with excellent products, competitive pricing and reliable customer support that is accessible anywhere. We will craft a design for you and send you a quote within 24 hours. If you’re not satisfied with it, we will make revisions until we get the exact design that you want. As we value your time and business, we will deliver your order fast and hassle-free. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with the quality of our products and you will be surprised at how easy it is to order custom coins that everyone in your organization will be proud of!


Since World War 1, military coins have been largely used as a way to recognize excellence, represent unit identity, foster brotherhood and esprit de corps, and encourage individuals for their accomplishments. Whichever division of the Armed Services you are in, we can design and customize military coins that will symbolize the service, integrity and bravery of your respected men and women. We understand how military coins are highly valued amongst all units of the military and we take pride in manufacturing skillfully-crafted military coins that every member of the unit can carry with utmost pride.

military coinsYou can rely on our experienced team of graphic artists to create custom military coins of distinctive design and exceptional quality. Military coins are more than just keepsakes, they create bonds and build camaraderie amongst all unit members. As such, we promise to deliver a valuable product that will live up to its purpose.


Looking for law enforcement coins? You’re in luck as you have found the best one-stop custom coin shop that can provide just about any style of police coins at the most competitive prices. We are a proud supplier of quality police coins to a number of law enforcement units and will be glad to be your supplier as well. Custom police coins are the most ideal way to boost the morale of law enforcement officers and to acknowledge the sacrifice and commitment they make every day. We appreciate that, and we make every effort to ensure our custom coins match your level of dedication.

Custom police coins should be as distinct as your group. Let our team of talented graphic designers craft a unique coin that will represent either your entire department or your specific unit. We provide the best experience to all our customers and you are no exception.


POLICE COINSFirefighters risk their lives every day for the sake of others and their unfailing dedication deserves only the highest recognition. We admire your skill and commitment. As a tribute, we create well-crafted firefighter coins that every volunteer and professional firefighter will be proud to display.

Whether you already have an existing design that you wish to reproduce or you want a brand new design of excellent quality, we have you taken care of. Our creative graphic designers will work with you to get the precise shape, size, color and design for your custom firefighter coins. We will not stop until we meet your standards and specifications. We value and respect the loyalty of your firefighters and we want you to have the perfect custom coins that will capture the essence of your department’s mission.


Celebrate company success and acknowledge employee achievement with our custom corporate coins. We understand that corporate coins are a symbol of your company and as such, it is our goal to produce perfectly-crafted coins that will reflect your company’s undisputable reputation. You can either send us the design you want or give us the privilege to create a design and artwork for you at no cost!

Custom coins are an outstanding way to empower your employees, promote your business, advertise your products, endorse your events and more! The benefits of custom corporate coins are seemingly endless! As we know how essential they are to you, we strive to ensure your custom corporate coins are of the finest, most superior design and quality.

Why Buy LGD-4033?

LGD-4033 is a non-steroidal, selective androgen receptor modulator, or SARM. It combines with androgen receptors and hastens anabolism processes in muscles as well as in bones and thus, it improves both muscle and bone function. DHT and testosterone binds with androgen receptors and then binds with another androgen receptor. Afterwards, it moves to the androgen’s core. This is the process where the androgenic hormones trigger anabolic effects on muscle tissue.
LGD-4033LGD-4033 is still in its infancy and the tests that have been run on it have produced almost identical results. Tests have shown that it decreases body fat while expanding lean body mass and increasing strength. It has demonstrated as having the most ability among SARMs in putting on bulk size. This is the primary reason why people buy LGD-4033. Even bodybuilders have started to use LGD-4033 and have discovered that, when taken together with other SARMs, it helps when cutting and recomping.
Those who are faced with diseases that cause muscle loss are part of the majority that purchases LGD-4033. The diseases that it helps with are those with muscle wasting conditions, such as intramuscular diseases, cystic fibrosis, muscle atrophy, sarcophagi, and osteoporosis. LGD-4033 helps with these conditions because of its ability to increase lean body mass and to rehabilitate intramuscular regions.
Studies on LGD-4033 have so far found no major side effects. Test results show that it does not affect blood pressure and that the recovery time does not take too long. In addition, there was an increased calorie intake because of the increased appetite and both follicle-stimulating hormones and routinizing hormones were not decreased. The tests were done on healthy male with individual and multiple intakes of LGD-4033 and the outcome was mostly positive with no unfavorable side effects.
It is relatively easy to buy LGD-4033 online, and there are a number of sites that advertise it and forums where people who have taken LGD-4033 put their reviews. The forums can typically be seen on bodybuilding websites, and a lot of the reviews are positive. People share their experience and even recommend ideal doses. Those who want to buy LGD-4033 could refer to these forums if they have any concerns regarding the substance and they could also ask questions.
Orally-taken SARMs are still in their beginning stages and are still being developed. They have the same effects as with androgenic drugs and an abolics but without any side effects. At lower doses, SARMs are effective and provide impressive anabolic effects. Their chemical and structural design gives them the ability to particularly target the androgen receptors present in different tissues.
athletes for dopingLGD-4033 can be compared with Ostarine, which is also a SARM and works similarly by treating muscle wasting conditions. It is also used by athletes to up their fitness and stamina to aid in their training; although, Ostarine is said to be less effective than LGD-4033. LGD-4033 is said to be perhaps the strongest SARM when it comes to building muscle. This is another reason why people are encouraged to buy LGD-4033. Simply put, its effectiveness is much better than that of Ostarine.
Altogether, there have been, so far, no negative findings regarding LGD-4033 or even on any other SARMs that exist. Bodybuilders have also been starting to use it and are gaining positive results. It also helps that LGD-4033 works by treating muscle wasting diseases. LGD-4033 is still undergoing continuous tests and sooner or later, it will be clearer if there is anything to be concerned about regarding the intake of the drug and if there’s any adverse side effects. Until then, people will continue to buy LGD-4033.